Milk is milk. But not all milk is the same.
Nutrition, seasons and the breed of the cow all have a decisive influence on the milk's composition.
Let us take you on a wonderful journey from cow to fridge.

Wist je dat een koe alles 5 keer eet?
Ze herkauwen het malse gras 5 keer.


Happy cows are healthy cows. That is why they are fed tasty and healthy food and are provided with plenty of space. All our cows are cared for and pampered according to the strictest requirements. From spacious cowsheds with a massage centre to frolicking in the pasture with juicy green grass. That is how they always give the best milk.


Cows need to be milked twice a day.One dairy cow produces around 25 to 30 litre milk each day. That's the equivalent of 135 glasses of delicious milk. Every 2 to 3 days that milk is collected by specific trucks, which bring it to the factory as quickly as possible. AA-milk is even collected within 48h. All of our milk is IKM milk, milk of the highest quality. The AA label is granted by the Ministry of Agriculture to milk that complies with even higher quality standards.

Micro-organisms can also be useful. By adding healthy micro-organisms to milk, it becomes yoghurt. This isn't called magic, it's called fermentation.Yoghurt can be solid (eaten with a spoon) or fluid (drinking yoghurt).


Just like in the air and in the water, there are lots of little creatures in milk: micro-organisms. Some can make you sick or make the milk sour and give it a bad taste. Luckily these micro-organisms do not cope well with heat. That is why we quickly heat the milk before it goes into the bottle or carton. That can be done in 3 ways, depending on the used temperature. These methods are called pasteurisation, sterilisation and UHT treatment. Following that treatment, the milk is free from micro-organisms. The heated milk is then transferred to sterile bottles or cartons in a special machine with sterile air.


After the bottles and cartons have been filled, they are packaged in a large carton box or plastic film. Afterwards, the large packaging is stacked on pallets and loaded into trucks with a forklift. That is how your drink is transported to your store, to end up in your fridge. Delicious and healthy. Best served chilled.